Photographs and Postcards

Photographs -

Album containing 12 photographs various subjects and 33 photographs Environmental Education Team activities
70 No. 35mm slides relating to the building of the Silver Jubilee Bridge
Photograph launch of a narrow boat
Photographs of Transporter Bridge, building of Road Bridge and Delamere Dock
Photograph Ship canal excavation by Irish navvies
Photograph mechanism Old Quay Swing bridge
Photograph Mersey and fishing boats from gantry wall
Photograph 1930s somewhere on Bridgewater Canal
Photograph Mill Brow area map circa 1873
Photograph Old Quay Bridge
Photograph ship being tugged under Transporter bridge
Photograph 1936 unloading coal at Canal Street Wharf
Photograph cars coming off Transporter Bridge
Photograph Transporter Bridge Widnes end
Photograph 1935 Top Locks
Photograph 1935 Lock Keeper's Cottage below Waterloo Bridge
Photograph Mersey with boats and two bridges
Photograph 1935 hand winch for opening lock gates Top Locks
Photograph Transporter Bridge
Photograph 1950 Wigg Works I.C.I Wharf
Photograph Bridgewater Canal frozen 28th December, 1939
Photograph Top Locks from Waterloo bridge 28th December, 1939
Photograph Gaskell Deacon Works, Widnes
Photograph 1935 Top Locks
Photograph 1952 Old Quay Workshops
Photograph 1960 showing new road bridge arch almost complete
Photograph 14th July, 1903 of members Upper Mersey Navigation Commission (with names)
Sailing flat on Weaver near Weston Point c.1890
Aerial view, 1991, colour, Weston Point Expressway to Weston Point Docks
Anderton Boat Yard 1866
Salt Union Band 1913
Ship passing under Transporter Bridge 1959
Laying road deck over new bridge
Last journey Transporter Bridge
Weston Point Sunday Schools Whit Walk 1960 (2)
M.V. "Manchester Trader" passing Weston Point 1959
Road bridge under construction (2)
Last Trip Transporter Bridge
Approaching Runcorn on Transporter Bridge 18.5.1961
First factories going up at Astmoor
Opening new bridge 1961
Delamere Dock Weston Point
Transporter Bridge Runcorn approach
Construction of Road Bridge (taken from railway bridge footway) (2)
Transporter Bridge car mid river
Moughland Lane Jubilee party 1977
Carnival Float Weston Point Rose Queen 1950s ? (3)
Castner Avenue houses c.1950
M.V. "Wavecrest" in Ship Canal at Weston Point 1960
Halton Lodge (2)
I.C.I. Castner Kellner Long service Award Dinner
Runcorn Athletic F. C. 1913-1914
Pipe Bridge Sutton Weaver
Sutton Dock Railway line bridge (3)
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade 1911
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade 1920s
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade 1920-30s
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade 1935
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade 1950s
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade Dennis Fire Engine 1930s
Castner Kellner Fire Brigade Cheshire County Fire Services Competition 1949 (2nd copy with names)
J. A. Clough, butcher, Bridge Street 1930s?
Luftwaffe Runcorn November 1940
Luftwaffe Runcorn September, 1940
Luftwaffe Runcorn & Weston Point February, 1943
Luftwaffe Liverpool October 1940
"Ruth Bate" under construction
"Ruth Bate" launch
All Saints Church
CD-ROM - 139 photos
CD-ROM - 453 photos
Weston Point with Christ Church and lighthouse
Then & Now Canal at Weston Point and Runcorn Docks
Transporter Bridge
Ship Canal Bank
Transporter Bridge car
Old Latchford Canal at Wigg Island Dec.2003
Brindley Centre ( 2 floppy discs)
"Mary Sinclair" (A3 size)
Latchford Canal at Wigg Island Dec. 2003 (5 photos)
Steamboat on canal 1911
King George V Jubilee bonfire (2 photos)
Photocopy photo - Brunswick Methodist church
Photocopy photo - St. Paul's Church
Print Cheshyres Lane
Print Castners
Photocopy photo - bridge building 1958 (2)
Photocopy photo - Transporter bridge and All Saints
25 photocopy photographs various items Runcorn and Widnes
Photo - Sutton Weaver pipe bridge
Photo - house on skyline Weston Road
Photo - aerial view Bridge St. area 1930s
Photo - MSC tug "Arrow"
Photocopy - illustrated "Runcorn Ferry" monologue
2 photo albums - Runcorn U.D.C.Chairman's (Cllr Charles Evans) visits during his term of office 1948-1950
Historical Society photos of Society trip to Hale duck decoy March 2005
Historical Society photos of Bill Leathwood delivering the April 2005 lecture
Mounted :-
Panorama from Halton Castle
Queen arriving West Bank Widnes 1979
Transporter Bridge car approaching Widnes
Norton Priory (2)
Bridgewater Canal at Broadway
Bridgewater Canal with bridge
Photo R.H.Posnett
Framed drawing of Victoria Road School 1886-1986 (produced for centenary celebrations)
Big Pool
Baths/Market Hall
View Runcorn Hill
Higher Runcorn & Beacon Hill 1904
Highlands Road 1924
The Grange 1904
Cottage Hospital 1912
Greenway Road 1933
Ship Canal c 1950
Transporter Bridge c 1918
Railway and Transporter Bridges aerial view
Transporter Bridge 1909
Weston Road c 1918
Memorial gardens & cenotaph c 1950
Runcorn Bridge and fishing smacks from old ferry

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